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Oakywood Accessories

All Oakywood products are handcrafted by the Oakywood Wood working Company in Poland EU. Passionate woodworking craftsmen handcraft these products with extreme care and attention to detail.

Located in a beautiful mountainous land called Podhale, where woodworking traditions are very strong. In this region, woodcraft has been passed on from fathers to sons for decades, in some families even for centuries. Oakywood originated from the passion for extraordinary design and wood processing traditions. 

We strive to create exquisite wooden items which will satisfy every wood & tech lover. We truly value local traditions and high-quality handmade products, so we cooperate with local small businesses during the making process. Hope you will enjoy shopping with us!

Oakywood Australia is the official reseller of Oakywood products under Clayley group with also has other curated products selling on other websites such as.

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