Our Materials

Sustainable design

Nature, design, and balance – these are the values that guide our creative process at Oakywood. Therefore, we only use sustainably sourced, noble, natural materials of the highest quality. This makes our products durable, functional, and beautiful so using them is pure joy.

Quality and sustainability are Oakywood’s utmost priorities – our wood comes solely from responsible sources. We use hard wood distinguished by its impressive sturdiness and durability, making it most suited to our processing methods and an excellent material for wooden office accessories.

Our wood is FSC certified (CU-COC-889634).

Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-governmental body promoting sustainable forestry through a timber certification system. FSC certification is a multi-stage process which verifies ecological, ethical, and economic aspects of sourcing wood. Buying products that are FSC certified gives you confidence its materials were sourced responsibly and respectfully towards nature and people.


Oak wood sourced in Poland is firm, incredibly durable, and resistant to damage. Its distinctive heaviness works beautifully with its subtle coloring and prominent grain. Here at Oakywood we use solid oak wood and oak wood veneer.


USA sourced walnut wood is durable, tough, and damage resistant. Its unique deep chocolate color is elegantly enhanced by its pronounced wood grain. Here at Oakywood we use solid walnut wood and walnut wood veneer.


Portuguese cork is a natural and ecological material, harvested in a way which allows full regeneration of the tree. The outer layer of the cork oak is carefully removed and grows back over time.

Wool felt

Merino wool felt is a natural material, which yields a unique tactile experience. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and ‘breathable’, it also absorbs moisture without retaining odors. At Oakywood, we only use cruelty-free felt with a 100 OEKO-TEX certification, sourced in Germany.


At Oakywood we work with stainless steel and powder coated carbon steel. Steel is useful for its high strength and several other properties.

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Stainles steel

Due to its chromium content, stainless steel is resistant against corrosion and mechanical damage. This makes it an excellent element of our laptop docks and Oakywood wireless chargers.

Powder coated carbon steel


Thanks to the surface covered with electrostatic paint powder, the steel becomes durable and resistant to corrosion, chemical or mechanical damage, and high temperatures. At Oakywood, we use powder coated steel to manufacture our handles, legs, and backrests in products such as the Headphone Stand, Desk Shelf, or Laptop Stand.

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Environmental Initiatives

At Oakywood, we pay special attention to environmental and social issues – simply because we care about the planet and other people. Our brand philosophy is all about high quality – not just when it comes to our products but in every aspect of life.

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Our Story

We are a group of passionate people sharing the same core values: quality, sustainable development, and respect for others. We work tirelessly to find ways to help you reinvent your workspace.

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We draw a lot of inspiration from nature, so we take extra care to make sure our products are brought to life sustainably – from the idea to the last stage of the production process, packing, and shipping.

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