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The way you design and organize your workspace has a huge impact on your productivity. While searching for an ideal way to arrange your home office, you should consider your own unique needs, but you can also draw inspiration from the experts. Since March is a month dedicated to women (and research shows they are the productivity champions), we have decided to ask our collaborators for their tried and tested desk organizing tips as well as their favorite Oakywood products.

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Productivity and your workspace

We have already covered the undeniable importance of ergonomics for your physical and mental health in our previous articles. The relationship between ergonomics and productivity is equally as significant. A well-designed and properly equipped space helps in preventing musculoskeletal injuries while having a positive influence on productivity and quality of your work. Since you don’t waste your energy on managing pain or discomfort, you can redirect it towards your work tasks and do them more creatively and efficiently.

Furthermore, missing just one element from the optimal workspace – the adequate lighting, temperature, humidity, noise levels (or silence levels), office equipment, or work tools – can contribute to increased stress levels, decrease in quality and productivity of work, as well as more frequent absences and staff rotation.

This is why it is vital to approach this subject seriously to ensure your home office is an ergonomic oasis of productivity.

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Does a perfect desk exist?

To put it simply, the best desk is a desk that meets the individual needs of its user. These include, above all, the optimal measurements which make working at your desk not only productive and comfortable, but also healthy. A suitable desk height is, therefore, of key importance as it allows you to successfully prevent bad posture and pain in places such as your neck, wrists, and lower back.

When it comes to ergonomics and taking care of your spine, a desk with adjustable height is second to none – it is the best and most comfortable option. Thanks to the electronic height adjustment system and the possibility of saving preferred settings, our Standing Desks allow you to smoothly and quickly adapt the tabletop level to suit your own needs, and to easily change your position while working. Switching your posture between sitting and standing is a great alternative to being stuck in one, sedentary, often mildly slouched position, with your eyes dangerously close to the screen.

I feel a Standing Desk is extremely helpful. It is easy to fall hard into work mode and forget to stand, stretch, and reposition during gruelling admin tasks. To be able to adjust my desk to standing is perfect for workspace comfort! I would also like to add that as a product photographer an adjustable desk is an absolute game changer – I no longer need to keep adjusting my tripod, just on touch of a button and the product can be brought closer or zoomed out.

Besides the optimal desk height, the elevation of your monitor or laptop is also of the utmost significance. In this case, accessories such as the Desk Shelf, Monitor Stand, or Laptop Stand come incredibly helpful as they allow you to position the upper edge of the screen to be at the same level as your eyeline.

To productively work in my space, I give importance to having a comfortable and ergonomic chair that gives my back degrees of freedom as well as lumbar support. Another would be a laptop stand to keep my eyes level with my screen, along with a separate keyboard to keep my wrists at a comfortable level. The Oakywood Desk Shelf was a game changer for my setup, in the sense that it gave me more space on my table while supporting my monitor and other desk accessories in a very sturdy and stable manner.
The laptop stand allowed me to elevate my laptop to my eye level and in doing so, straightened my back, alleviating neck and back strain. It is ergonomic and allows me to get my work completed faster and much more comfortably. An absolute essential!.

Making sure the dimensions of your tabletop are appropriate for your needs and space is also something that should be considered carefully. A desk that is too small will be uncomfortable for someone whose job requires them to use a few devices, whereas a large desk can easily overwhelm a tiny space. The best solution for this problem is taking accurate measurements of your interior and ordering a custom desk (our configurator is an excellent tool to assist you with this task).

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Organizing your space while working remotely

Since we have already established what makes a top-tier desk, lets focus on productivity’s best friend – organization. While preparing your desk arrangement, it is important to remember that less is more – too many accessories (even those meant to aid organization) can introduce chaos into your workspace. Therefore, choosing functional and aesthetically cohesive organizers matters substantially. Our OakyBlocks, a line of wooden organizers with built-in magnets, allow you to freely combine and customize your setup to best reflect your needs and the surface you work on.

Some of the essential home office accessories that I have include the ergonomic monitor stand for my standing desk, the dual laptop dock, the MagSafe charging dock, and the OakyBlocks for storing my extra accessories without cluttering up the space. My favorite Oakywood product has been the dual laptop stand, as its minimal and sleek setup has allowed me to seamlessly transition from my work laptop to my personal laptop.

There is no room for unsightly cables and tangled cords in a well-organized workspace. An underdesk organizer can help you keep them out of sight, while a wireless charger or a docking station for your smartphone or laptop can eliminate a significant amount of clutter – elevating your comfort.

The Geometric Charging Pad is one of my favourite products because it is truly aesthetically perfect. It is also important to me that my workspace is kept organised but with a touch of class. The Geometric Charging Pad does just that! It ensures that my smartphone is always fully charged and ready to do which is so important as I am frequently using the Lightroom mobile app. The Magnetic Charging Apple Watch Stand is also a personal favourite! It is a completely revolutionary design! I always used to tidy my Apple watch charger away after using it, but the Oakywood watch stand remains in its place because it is a pleasure to look at - as well as being completely practical and compact.


Don’t forget to provide your wrists with proper support – carpal tunnel syndrome is a common ailment amongst people working in front of a computer. Simply coordinating the heights of your desk with your chair are enough to ‘do the job’. If you want to go a step further, however, consider equipping your desk with pads to take the excess pressure from your wrists while at work.

In your pursuit of productivity, as in everything else, moderation is the key to avoiding falling into a toxic headspace. One thing is for sure: good organization and a comfortable ergonomic home office are some of the most important ingredients needed to achieve healthy productivity. We hope that the advice and setups of our #OakyGirls have inspired you to rediscover your workspace.

This is just the first post from our March-long series dedicated to women and their experiences with remote work, space organization, design, and ergonomics – so stay tuned!

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