People of design: Aleksandra Ciesielska

We have been working on a unique offer to accommodate our business clients for some time now and today, we can proudly say that the Oakywood for Business offer is live. To get to know our new customers a little better, we asked a few chosen interior designers some questions about their approach to design. Our first interviewee is Aleksandra Ciesielska – a Polish architect with her own studio Ciesielska Architektura and an interior themed blog Design Your Home. Aleksandra was an ambassador for the Łódź Design Festival and Gdynia Design Days, and currently, she is also a lecturer at Educoncept School where she trains young designers.

Aleksandra Ciesielska

Tell us about your beginnings. How long have you known you were going to become a designer? Do you remember a particular moment when you realized this was your calling?

Aleksandra Ciesielska: My technology teacher from middle school has always seen me as a future engineer. In the meantime, I became fascinated with architecture and interior design. I started an interior blog and began experimenting with my room decor before I even finished school. That’s when my architecture adventure started. Looking back, I see that my passion for architecture has always been present. My plans and my dreams gained momentum when I went to study Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology.  That’s where I gained the knowledge and experience which brought me first serious projects and enabled me to open my own design studio. Now I simply can’t imagine doing anything else in life. I love what I do and I get immense satisfaction from it!

Where do you go for inspiration?

The world around us is, for me, an unending source of inspiration. Everything that surrounds us - in travel, nature, interior design magazines, markets, fashion - influences my imagination and creative process. It is something that cannot be planned in advance. They’re intuitive moments when you pick up on details which later form the basis of your design. However my favorite sources of inspiration are public spaces such as coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. I believe there is nothing better than the fusion of good food with beautiful design. These spaces are where I can fully experience how design and ambiance impact our sensations, as well as the way we see the world.

What does sustainable design mean to you?

Designing sustainably means creating solutions which reflect the balance between the needs of people, nature, and the economy. It means seeking to minimize the negative impact on our planet and future generations. As an architect, I put emphasis on a holistic approach; taking into consideration a variety of factors such as community, ecology, energy efficiency, health, and technological advances, so that I create projects which are beneficial both now and in the future.

designer at work

Why do you think design matters? How can it change an ordinary person’s life for the better?

Design is of key significance when it comes to influencing the functionality, comfort, and aesthetics of our environment. Through well thought-out projects, we can substantially improve quality of life, as well as mental health and the surrounding nature.

What projects are you most proud of?

I am especially proud of projects which fully satisfy my clients’ expectations by combining functionality, aesthetics, and their individual needs. These projects are harmonious spaces of standout beauty, seamlessly integrated into their users’ lifestyle. I pay special attention to fitting the project into the clients’ existing routines and preferences, to create interiors that are not only visually stunning, but also practical and comfortable. I try to make sure each project reflects my clients’ personality and meets their expectations by making spaces where they feel like they fit right in.

Thank you for the talk.