5 things you need to create an ideal home office

Designing your home office is a process not to be taken lightly – if you want a truly functional and comfortable workspace, you must put in some time and effort. It will all be worth it because a well-fitted space facilitates not only healthy productivity but also good mood and a work-life balance. Together with David from @david.webdev, we share our picks of accessories to consider while setting up your home office.

classic wooden desk with minimal setup

A proper desk

If you are a remote or hybrid worker, you absolutely need a desk – working at the kitchen table or (even worse) on the couch is not a good permanent solution. Even if you don’t have a large space, it would be hugely beneficial to design it in a way to fit even a small desk. Separating your workspace from your living space is incredibly important in trying to maintain the balance between your work and time off or leisure. Moreover, it tends to increase productivity and helps prevent professional burnout.

Standing desks with automatic height adjustment systems allow you to perfectly tailor the tabletop level to your height and easily change your working position from sitting to standing throughout the day. They are also a great alternative to traditional desks as they can benefit your spine and overall health.

wooden monitor stand

Monitor and laptop stands

Another essential element of a home office, one that facilitates good posture and prevents eye strain, is a monitor stand or laptop stand. It should be fitted in a way that makes the upper edge of the screen parallel to (or slightly below) our line of sight. This stops you from looking down and tilting your head to see the screen which can lead to neck pain and various cervical spine injuries.

From the products that I had a chance to test, for me, it has to be the Desk Shelf. I find myself having a lot more storage space on my desk, being able to put things underneath and also on top of the shelf. I store my laptop under the shelf and connect it to my main screen, giving a very minimal feel to my workspace. The wooden details are a great touch to my setup, giving it a much more “premium” feel.


Additionally, a desk shelf or monitor stand provides a new organizational level to your desk, adding some extra space for other office accessories you can place underneath your screen.

magsafe charger stand

A convenient and easy to use charger

Are standard, wired chargers becoming a thing of the past just like the old-school mechanical mouse? They might be. Modern Qi and wireless charging technologies offer much more convenient ways of charging your devices. The most comfortable and functional solution is a wireless charger – all you have to do is place your phone on the pad to connect to the power source.

Oakywood’s MagSafe collection is a range of products we have created especially for Apple enthusiasts, helping you comfortably use and charge your iPhone. If your phone doesn’t support Qi charging, fear not as a docking station allows you to charge your devices vertically, which also makes them easy to use.

wooden desk organizers for small objects

Handy organizers

Regardless of how many things you need on hand, you should take care to store them neatly and conveniently. This is why desk organizers are an essential element of every respected home office. They needn’t be complicated or scary: all you need is a chic pen pot and a stylish catchall tray for small items that like to ‘travel’ all over your desk, to make your setup look more cohesive.

I consider myself to be most productive when my workspace is clean and de-cluttered, making it as minimal as possible. To maintain this, I usually have one “reset'' day per week when I dust everything off and remove any clutter. Keeping everything neatly organized helps clear my mind and, therefore, allows for more creative thinking.


felt and cork desk mat used in photography setup

Desk mat

A felt desk mat can seem like a frivolous whim until the moment you get to test it out yourself – there is no turning back: you will start wondering how you’ve managed to work without it all this time. The mat helps primarily in tidying your desk and creating visual zones to optimize even those very modest spaces. Also, the ecological merino wool felt provides you with a unique sensory experience: its characteristic texture is a pleasure to touch and, in a way, provides a relaxing experience.

I always prefer having a desk mat when I work; it helps me define a clear area for my keyboard and mouse (which are also two must-have accessories as long as they are wireless) and adds a lot of contrast and depth to my desk. Other than that, having an ergonomic office chair is very important if you plan to sit down for lots of hours, and a good pair of wireless headphones is also a great pick.



There is one thing you absolutely need to factor in when designing your workspace: your own needs. The ideal home office is a space tailored to the individual needs of its user.