Dual Charging Dock

Nowadays, the number of available designs, the materials they are made of and their quality often leaves much to be desired. Global import of Chinese products spit out traditional products of each country. Thus, we often want to have something original, unconventional created by a craftsman and small family-owned workshop - not by a huge factory. We want to diverge from the masses. We want our homes to have a unique feel which can be achieved only by exceptional items with soul and history. Increasingly, we are fed up with ‘copy -> paste’ designs and Ikea (despite its’ beautiful simplicity ) being EVERYWHERE. 

We are tired of being made to choose products from chain stores selling the same merchandise.
The time has come for us to appreciate - ‘one of a kind’ items - and we want them.

However, in today’s globalized world, technology is a powerful player. There is no need to mention that tech is all around us. Technological gadgets are mass-produced and usually, we do not have the opportunity to personalize products designed for specific laptops or phones. Most of these gadgets are made of plastic and derivative materials, which - let’s be honest - are not our dream elements of a home or office decor. In this case, we can be asking ourselves - how can we have both: technology and unique products at once? Well, the answer is simple: WOOD. Wood is everything. We just need to get back to our roots, to the history of craftsmanship and combine it with technology. The fruit of this connection is eminent, solid and just amazing in its’ austerity.

Wood for tech.