Oaky Earth Week Celebration

With love for the planet.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are very important to us, simply because we care about the planet, its biodiversity, and other people. That is why, for #oakyfolks, Earth Day is one of the most important occasions to celebrate.

This year, we decided to celebrate it for the whole week! We want to educate our customers about the role of sustainable production, resources and materials. We’d love for you to join our adventure.

Use the code EARTHDAY and enjoy FREE DELIVERY - to reduce the carbon footprint of our shipments, we cover the full cost of CLIMATE NEUTRAL DELIVERY for orders placed from April 19th to 26th.*

*The minimum order value - 50 AUD.

Wooden Products

Enjoy them for years to come! Discover our sustainable products, made with love for our planet, with the use of energy from renewable resources, and from durable, responsibly sourced materials, such as FSC certified wood and steel.


Triple Dock

From $135.00
oak, large

Catchall Tray

From $69.00

Combo Dock

From $105.00

Laptop Stand

From $225.00

Monitor Stand

From $180.00

Laptop Dock

From $105.00

Felt&Cork Products

Feel the natural, breathable materials and let them increase your work comfort. Our Desk Mats are made from biodegradable, cruelty-free merino wool and ecological cork, harvested in a way which allows full regeneration of the tree.

Our initiatives

Curious about our environmental initiatives? Here’s what we do on a daily basis:

we have a certificate awarded by the FSC which is responsible for promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. More info: https://fsc.org/en/about-us.

→  we support tree planting organisations (One Tree Planted, Forever Forest) and plant trees worldwide.

we practice what we preach - we support sustainable, conscious production and use responsibly sourced materials, our packaging is eco-friendly and products are very durable so that you could enjoy them for years to come.

our goal is to use all of the wood that we're provided with - we make a wide range of goods, from small accessories to large desks, so that we can use all parts of the wooden log (we embrace zero waste philosophy!).

- we are open and fully transparent, we speak openly about the production cost and particular components.

Our initiatives

OakyBlocks — everything you need to organize a desk

OakyBlocks are functional wooden organizers with built-in magnets which help you reinvent and optimize your workspace. Simply place and combine, detach and move OakyBlocks at will to regain control over your desk.


Home office Essentials - Workspace optimization

Good home office organization is essential to achieving peak productivity levels. Conveniently, Oakywood boasts a whole range of accessories to help you organize your home office and make work more comfortable.

Home Office Essentials

Everything for your Macbook — stands, cases, sleeves and more

With MacBook users in mind, we created a range of Apple compatible accessories to make using your devices more comfortable, and to improve office organization and ergonomics.

Macbook accessories

Wooden desks — Work comfort revolution

Oakywood’s desks elevate the quality of your home office setup. Functional design, fine materials, and meticulous craftsmanship are only some of its strengths. Choose your desk in a classic version or with height regulation and tailor it to your needs in our configuration tool.

Wooden desks

iPhone — Cohesion with Apple design

At Oakywood, we appreciate the sleekness of Apple design. With iPhone users in mind, we created stylish wooden accessories to help you store and charge your phone while optimizing your desk space.

iPhone accessories